Rogers Lean Newsletter December 2015

Please click the following link to view our December 2015 Newsletter ROGERSLEAN-December-2015 Building a new home? Is it exempt from CGT?; Have you thought about small business pool write-off?; New company tax franking implications; What is adjusted taxable income and why you might need to know; and Tax and cyber security: are you prepared?

Rogers Lean Newsletter November 2015

Please click the following link to view our November 2015 Newsletter ROGERSLEAN-November-2015 5 tips for a tax-free Christmas work party Property transactions: Got an appropriate valuation; Are you a company director? Better brush up on your responsibilities; and Winding up your SMSF? A list of do's and don'ts;

Rogers Lean Newsletter October 2015

Please click the following link to view our October 2015 Newsletter ROGERSLEAN-October-2015 Taxing the "sharing economy"; Rental property claims that are often misunderstood; Tax office to data match credit card purchases against declared income; Booster strategy for your GST credit claims; and Potholes to watch on the SMSF road to retirement wealth?

Rogers Lean Newsletter September 2015

Please click the following link to view our September 2015 Newsletter ROGERSLEAN-September-2015 Leaving Australia for work? Beware of your tax residence status; Tax concessions for small business; Making an amendment to your tax return; If you think the tax man is wrong, here's what you can do; Top 5 tax mistakes small businesses make when [...]

Rogers Lean Newsletter August 2015

Please click the following link to view out August 2015 Newsletter ROGERSLEAN-August-2015 This month's topics include: Work-related expenses in the firing line; How to give your SMSF a boost in retirement; Not 100% ready to retire? 'Try before you buy' with a TTR strategy; Selling your business and the GST "going concern" exemption; Why you [...]

Rogers Lean Newsletter July 2015

Please click the following link to view our July 2015 Newsletter ROGERSLEAN-July-2015 This month’s topics include: Your $20,000 immediate write-off questions answered; Tax deduction misconceptions: what you can't claim; Tax deductions for your holiday house; Insurance through your SMSF; The essentials of succession planning; and Introducing the Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

Rogers Lean Newsletter June 2015

Please click the following link to view our June 2015 Newsletter ROGERSLEAN-June-2015 - Amended This month’s topics include: Small business: Decisions for your end-of-year planning; Last-minute tax planning tactics for individuals; End-of-year superannuation planning; The role of Auditors: An SMSF essential; Working from home - the tax implications; and Tax and super planning Checklists

Rogers Lean Newsletter April 2015

Please click the following link to view our April 2015 Newsletter ROGERSLEAN-April-2015 - Amended This month’s topics include: Tax office continues to target online sellers; The income tax implications of property lease incentives; The ins and ours of the Single Touch payroll initiatives; Couple de-coupling, and specific implications for SMSFs; and Your 'lost' super could [...]

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