Rogers Lean December 2019 Monthly Newsletter

Sometimes small business owners pass up the at-times lucrative small business CGT concessions simply through not knowing that they are eligible to claim them. Answering a few basic questions can clear this up. We explain how the “personal property security register” can help manage the risk that comes with owning certain assets. We also take [...]

Rogers Lean November 2019 Monthly Newsletter

Sometimes, essential tax records are missing or even destroyed. But all is not lost, as there is a “plan B” that can be put into affect, so we run through the options to help your tax outcome. The investment strategy of any SMSF is not “set-and-forget”, and if not re-visited from time to time, could [...]

Rogers Lean October 2019 Monthly Newsletter

Deductible work-related expenses are always tempting to chase down, but to stay out of trouble with the ATO it’s always good to have fact sorted from fiction. We also look at the special CGT rules that apply when spouses have different residences. There's an exemption from reporting obligations for employers for certain "personal security" fringe [...]

Rogers Lean September 2019 Monthly Newsletter

Property developers often feel the gaze of the ATO on their activities, so we look at what could be getting its attention. Still on residences, we look at some little known facts about the CGT exemption that generally, but not always, applies to inherited homes. Also dealt with is the tax that children’s savings accounts [...]

Rogers Lean August 2019 Monthly Newsletter

Heading overseas for that trip of a lifetime? There could be a few simple steps you can take to ensure all is in order tax-wise, both while you’re away and after you return. We also look at trust distribution resolutions, whether your backyard projects are considered a business or a hobby by the taxman, and [...]

Rogers Lean July 2019 Newsletter

Please click to following link to view newsletter: ROGERSLEAN-July-2019 When a loan is paid out early, it can sometimes trigger a penalty interest charge. There are circumstances where this charge can be tax deductible, but also many instances where this is not the case. A new tax ruling teases out the likely outcomes. This new [...]

Rogers Lean June 2019 Newsletter

Please click to following link to view newsletter: ROGERSLEAN-June-2019 With Tax Time 2019 just around the corner, we run over the sort of substantiation that the ATO expects for work-related deductions that taxpayers claim. We also look at Taxable Payments Annual Reports, and the new industries that these cover starting this year. Also this month [...]

Rogers Lean May 2019 Newsletter

Please click to following link to view newsletter: ROGERSLEAN-May-2019 To claim a GST credit, a business is generally required to hold a valid tax invoice. However there can arise certain circumstances where an alternative document can be used. There have been changes made to the director penalty regime, which may mean tighter diligence is needed [...]

Rogers Lean April 2019 Newsletter

Please follow the link below to find our latest Client Newsletter: ROGERSLEAN-April-2019 Working from home, while always an option, has become more viable as technology has developed to enhance connectivity. The ATO is fully on-board with regard to work-related deductions for working from home, but of course has set certain parameters for making claims. Business [...]

Rogers Lean March 2019 Newsletter

This month's newsletter covers: Same Business Test to be replaced by Similar Business Test Tax deductibility for non-complying payments to be removed New consumer rules for GST and online purchases Rental travel expenses mostly off the table; and When valuations of property are important for tax Click the following link to find out more! ROGERSLEAN-March-2019

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