Rogers Lean December 2021 Monthly Newsletter

In this month's newsletter: As part of the Federal Government’s bid to modernise the Australian Business Register (ABR), all company directors – including directors of family trusts and SMSFs with corporate trustees – must apply for a “director ID”. Find out what dates to meet to avoid fines and penalties. A raft of new measures [...]

Rogers Lean November 2021 Monthly Newsletter

They say the two inevitable things in life are ‘death and taxes’, and in this newsletter we cover off both – as well as several updates on superannuation. In the world of tax, we examine how the CGT retirement exemption works where a gain has been made by company or trust – and why it’s [...]

Rogers Lean October 2021 Monthly Newsletter

This issue contains the following articles: Compensation payments: Avoiding contribution issues; Home as a place of business during COVID: CGT implications; Inheriting rental properties jointly: A dilemma?; SuperStream deadline fast approaching; and Christmas and the Taxman. Please contact us for clarification, or further advice, regarding any of the topics covered in this newsletter. ROGERSLEAN-October-2021

Rogers Lean September 2021 Monthly Newsletter

This issue contains the following articles: How to treat work-related travel and living away from home costs; SMSFs and property development - emerging risks; Claiming GST credits for employee reimbursements; Buying a new house before selling the old one; Trust distributions to non-residents; and 'Stapling super' - reducing multiple accounts for employees. Please contact us [...]

Rogers Lean August 2021 Monthly Newsletter

With reforms to superannuation – including for SMSFs – on the horizon, our leading article covers what’s coming, including more accountability for funds and flexibility for super holders. We’ve got two articles to help you understand how trusts work: ‘Trust distributions’ goes through the different roles involved in a trust, while ‘Trust losses’ explains what [...]

NSW Lockdown Support FAQ

The NSW and Federal Governments are reacting and providing support for business and individuals who's income has been affected by the recent lockdown measures. Please find below the latest summary: NSW Revenue Grants NSW Business Grant Downturn must be greater 30% and is calculated on downturn of cash income (money that hit your bank account), [...]

NSW Lockdown Support

NSW Revenue has finally released details on the eligibility criteria and process for applying for various grants to help you and your business during the July 2021 COVID Lockdown. ALL NSW REVENUE SUPPORT MUST BE APPLIED FOR THROUGH SERVICE NSW.  PLEASE ESTABLISH AN ACCOUNT AND LINK YOUR BUSINESS. Please follow the below links for more [...]

Rogers Lean July 2021 Monthly Newsletter

The ATO has seen a lot of mistakes being made on business tax returns over the years, but has kept a record of these so we can all learn from other people’s errors. Laundry expenses can be a legitimate tax deduction, but claims need to follow certain rules, which we sketch out. Every SMSF will [...]

Rogers Lean June 2021 Monthly Newsletter

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have had a bit of a resurgence, which may even have something to do with the pandemic. But the implications for your tax outcomes is something even the ATO is wary about. We also look at “personal services income” and the ATO’s refreshed guidance, the qualifications that are expected for SMSF trustees, [...]

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