NSW Lockdown Support FAQ

The NSW and Federal Governments are reacting and providing support for business and individuals who's income has been affected by the recent lockdown measures. Please find below the latest summary: NSW Revenue Grants NSW Business Grant Downturn must be greater 30% and is calculated on downturn of cash income (money that hit your bank account), [...]

NSW Lockdown Support

NSW Revenue has finally released details on the eligibility criteria and process for applying for various grants to help you and your business during the July 2021 COVID Lockdown. ALL NSW REVENUE SUPPORT MUST BE APPLIED FOR THROUGH SERVICE NSW.  PLEASE ESTABLISH AN ACCOUNT AND LINK YOUR BUSINESS. Please follow the below links for more [...]

Audit Insurance: What is it and do I need it?

The ATO and other government agencies continue to announce increased levels of audit activity, which may lead you to ask yourself, "How likely am I to be audited?" Certain things can make you more likely to be audited, for example, having a large number of expenses compared to income, or paying a high level of [...]

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