We recognise that successful business owners are focused on the vision they have for their businesses. They are time poor, working hard to create their wealth and struggle to find time to consider those important issues.

One of those issues is succession planning for their business. Whether it is by third party sale, management buy out or passing it on to the next generation, one needs to have an exit strategy. This strategy includes structural issues involving taxation, accounting and legal considerations and also the human side of succession planning. Family considerations are paramount including equity between siblings, accessing an income stream from the business in your retirement and how to pass effective control.

Rogers Lean & Co Services will help you create the agenda of issues that you need to consider in this critical process.

We will coordinate other financial planning experts where necessary, in areas such as legals, insurance and risk management. We will also combine your business succession goals with your retirement planning and asset succession plans. Our aim is to work with you to ensure not only a successful development of the strategy, but also to see its implementation through.