Effective tax planning is an important part of any business strategy, without it, your business could be hit with unexpected crippling tax debts, or simply pay more tax than is necessary.

At Rogers Lean & Co, we can assist you in planning for your business’ current and future taxation liabilities by providing tailored tax planning solutions.

Is tax planning something you need?

Do you expect to make a profit in the coming years?  Do you have sufficient cash flow available?  If the answers are yes, then you are in an excellent position to take advantage of a wide range of tax planning options, to minimise/optimise your taxation position.

It is possible to optimise your tax in several ways, some of these include:

  • Making use of deductible superannuation limits;
  • Determining the correct amount wages to declare from the business to take advantages of the tiered tax rates and government benefits;
  • Realisation of Capital Gains/Losses to help you plan tax payments, and minimise tax payable through the use of timing and exemptions; and
  • Deferring of income and the bringing forward of expenses to ensure the most advantageous tax position is achieved

We can also:

  • Advise regarding the purchase of business assets and how the timing of these purchases can benefit your tax position;
  • Assist with preparing tax estimates based upon current income projections allowing you to prepare and save accordingly; and
  • Provide advice on appropriate income allocations to make the most of the tax free thresholds

All or a combination of these strategies, and many more, may be appropriate for your business.  If you would like a personalised tax plan, or would just like to discuss your options, Michael Rogers or Cameron Lean are more than happy to discuss these with you.